Thursday, June 11, 2009

Where Do C-Suite Execs Go for Information?

Here’s an interesting nugget of information to share the next time you hear a colleague or client say that the best way to cut costs in a recessionary environment is to prune the social media elements of your communications program: The Internet is by far the most important source of information for C-level execs, more than three times as critical as newspapers. TV is ranked 5th at 3%.

Internet 67%
Newspapers 18%
Magazines 6%
Trade Publications 3%
TV 3%
Radio 2%

On average, C-level executives spend 15-16 hours a week on the Web; in fact, the Internet is where most of their media consumption takes place.

These are among the useful—sometimes surprising—findings of a 2008 survey of C-level and senior management executives commissioned by GartnerG2 & and conducted by Insight Express.

Here are the top six ways C-level execs spend their time online:

• Check e-mails before I do other work
• Online research
• Forward interesting online articles to co-workers or friends
• Read business/financial site e-mail newsletters
• I visit sites for business/financial news before I do other work
• Research competitors and industry trends

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