Monday, May 18, 2009

“Big Apple” Networking

It’s sometimes easy to forget that not all social networking takes place online.

I’m reminded of this because one of the best networking opportunities in our business is happening this Thursday. It’s PRSA-NY’s Big Apple Awards ceremony at the Rainbow Room on May 21, at 6:00 pm. It’s a unique opportunity to see examples of the great work done in our field over the past year, while making connections with the some of the best and the brightest people in our profession.

Whether you’re the CEO of a leading global public relations firm or a sole practitioner, an executive vice president or an account coordinator, networking in the “real world” can deliver a wealth of career benefits. It can help you to:
  • Raise your business and personal profile.
  • Develop friends and advisors whose expertise and support you can tap when you need it.
  • Benchmark your own performance against the best practices of others.
  • Build rapport with potential new partners, vendors, customers, employers and employees.
  • Generate new business leads. (When we analyzed the sources of Makovsky’s leads last year, we found that nearly 40% had originated from the contacts our people made while networking).
Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook are great … but nothing can beat a face-to-face encounter with another live human being. In my book, networking is right up there with intellectual curiosity, honesty, a sense of humor and the ability to sell, manage and think strategically as a “must have,” if you want a career in public relations.

If you’re not already out there and networking, the Big Apple Awards celebration is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss.

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