Thursday, April 23, 2009

It’s Not Only Communications!

At most firms, “silo thinking” compromises the way they address sustainability.

For example, management may commission a state-of-the-art green building from their facilities department, but then neglect to orchestrate complementary changes in the departments responsible for vendor practices, product sourcing and packaging, site location and corporate communications. Typically, the result is that the anticipated payback in terms of environmental impact, return on investment and risk management falls short of goal.

So what did we do? We formed a sustainability consortium which, through its collective 360° expertise, will offer a unique, cross-functional perspective that is necessary to help corporations manage risks and leverage business opportunities across the board. Called Interraction, the new consortium provides businesses with both advisory services as well as execution of its recommendations.

Of course, that includes communications. In fact, Interraction links communications with leading global business advisors in science, law, engineering, architecture and management consulting to provide organization-wide solutions to climate change/sustainability issues using a diagnostic tool called the Sustainability Scorecard as the starting point to assess and manage climate change risk.

The Scorecard functions like a full body scan in a medical check-up. It provides a snapshot of the notable risks throughout an organization, pinpointing specifically the impact climate change can have on a firm’s growth and reputation. The findings are summarized in an easy-to-understand risk index. The consortium then collaborates with a client’s leadership to review the findings, identify areas of concern, and discuss options for managing the risks uncovered.

In addition to Makovsky, Interraction’s member firms include the following leaders in the environment and sustainability:
Arnold & Porter: A preeminent global law firm with special expertise in environmental issues
Buro Happold: A premier international design and engineering firm
carbonRational: A management consulting firm with special expertise in building sustainable enterprises
FXFOWLE: Leading international architects
Svante Scientific: A leading provider of business-friendly climate data

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