Monday, May 04, 2009

How to Get the Best Out of Social Media

As business deepens its activity in the social media, the need for guidance on how to expand and where to go and the best strategies to apply increase. Thus, consultants loom more important. But the question is who is the right consultant and what qualifications do they need to have to give business the best advice.

Here are some options: Digital shops, advertising agencies or public relations firms? Which can serve clients best? The answer should revolve around the dynamics of the social media environment, and which of the aforementioned options provides the best fit to meet the needs at hand.

The technical knowledge of the digital counselors is important. But is it the centerpiece? The promotional language of advertising may be appropriate for ads but not for Wikis, blogs, Facebook, message boards, etc.

Fundamentally, what makes the social media – the social media? Dialogue. Dialogue is the foundation of social media and the very foundation of public relations itself. Public relations is about building relationships with constituencies that are critical to the survival of any corporate or organizational entity. Through public relations companies reach out and converse. The challenge is bringing value to these multiple conversations that are held between and among constituencies that corporations wish to reach. That is what public relations is all about: the integration of a client’s value message into a dialogue with its targets.

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Blogger Daniel Scholz said...

It's good to see that Makovsky and Co. is looking at creating and maintaining dialogue through the use of social media and social networking services rather than pursuing a more ad-like direction. Social media should be used as a means to increase dialogue between clients and consumers, with the result being brand loyalty and identification. The successful development of this kind of social networking/social media strategy therefore becomes invaluable to companies, allowing for a nearly instantaneous feedback loop. This in turn allows for the refinement of both product and message, not to mention the opportunities presented for crisis communications. For example, writers for both NBC and ABC programs have noted the importance of feedback through social media channels in developing story lines. The recent Dominos debacle could have been handled through social channels before the large new outlets had even picked up on the story.

I agree that social media strategy is a natural extension of the public relations firm. This is especially true when considering the need for a coherent, overarching public relations plan.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009 11:38:00 AM  

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