Friday, May 15, 2009

The IPREX Treatment

What is the “IPREX Treatment”? It is what we are giving and getting this week from May 14-16!

Getting? Broadening our perspective. Deepening our thought processes. Gaining new viewpoints from around the world. Adding new depth to what we already know. Meeting new people, many of whom are industry stalwarts. And overall, enhancing our professionalism.

Giving? Makovsky + Company is hosting the international annual meeting of IPREX in New York City, where most of our members — from 25 countries and 37 U.S. cities — will gather to engage in a range of forums exploring our theme, “Multinational Issues in a Multimedia World.” IPREX is the third largest international corporation of independent public relations firms.

Various speakers and seminars will focus on the following issues: the green opportunity for public relations firms, the overall corporate reputation devaluation caused by the economic crisis and how to respond to it, the topics that international and domestic reporters are most concerned about addressing, and dissecting Google to discover new ways it can positively support our practices.

Among our guests will be heads of global communications from leading Fortune 500 companies — including General Electric, Eastman Kodak, Bausch & Lomb, Prudential, Pfizer, MasterCard, Swiss Re, Viacom — an Executive Editor of BusinessWeek, the head of CorpComm at Google and leading Bloomberg reporters. We’ll also be touring Google and Bloomberg.

For 25 years the IPREX Treatment has massaged its members with an intellectual and diagnostic salve designed to bring new depth and expertise, thereby enabling us to apply new thinking and increase our clients’ satisfaction everywhere in the world that we collaborate.

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