Thursday, May 28, 2009

Are You Making It in PR?

I call these “The Basic Four.” You’re unlikely to get to the top if you can’t master these career building tips:

1. Be a good manager. If you were to survey every head of a public relations agency — worldwide — I’d bet you’d get almost 100% agreement that people who are gifted managers and great at follow-through are few and far between. Add strong creative skills to the mix, and you’ve got yourself a career with limitless potential.

2. Acquire the right skill sets … especially, general media relations, working the social media, writing, research, organizing events, persuasion, presentation ability and creative idea development.

3. Cultivate strong strategic abilities. Strong strategists advance faster. To learn strategy, besides on the job, take a look at the case studies of industry awards competitions, like the Silver Anvils, available through PRSA; and take advantage of the resources provided by all the other professional organizations, like the National Investor Relations Institute and the Institute for Public Relations.

4. Build up your leadership skills. Leadership is not dictating to others. Leadership is all about role-modeling the highest standards of knowledge and service, excellence and integrity, and influencing others to follow you.

You have to have a vision and you have to be good at communicating it to others. Then you need to turn that vision into action. That requires the ability to collaborate with and motivate the other members of your team. (As a matter of fact, the corporate values espoused by our firm — initiation, innovation, communication, collaboration, motivation and education — have all been shaped to promote leadership.)

Underlying it all is a passion for what you do! Without that, all the above will only get you so far.

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