Thursday, May 21, 2009

PR’s Next Big Opportunity

PR’s next big opportunity channel for reaching consumers? The mobile device-personal computer.

According to a February 2008 survey by KPMG, the audit, tax and advisory firm, 87 percent of advertising and media executives say media companies will move more content for mobile consumption in the next two years. Sixty-five percent say that media companies currently adapt less than a quarter of their content for mobile consumption.

The rise of the mobile device/personal computer, 40 percent of the respondents say, is the second most disruptive force in media today, only to be exceeded by the pullback of ad dollars.

Note this: 61 percent of respondents say that fewer than 30 percent of ad agencies have a plan in place to leverage social media for their clients. This is a huge gap that we, as public relations professionals with our dialoguing skills are uniquely well qualified to bridge!

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