Monday, June 08, 2009

Bloomberg: Where The Money Comes From

“We have minute-by-minute connections to our customers. And that is really what distinguishes us from The Wall Street Journal,” noted Marty Schenker, an executive editor at Bloomberg, who recently led a seminar at the IPREX Worldwide Conference in mid-May. Representatives of independent PR firms from 16 countries were in attendance at the conference, which was hosted by our firm. (I was a founder of the global public relations partnership, in 1983.)

“We may think a story is important, but if our customers aren’t reading it, it’s not,” said Marty Schenker. “Our customer measurement tool covers every story category: finance, sports, medicine, etc. We remove poorly read stories on a dime.

“Our business model won’t succeed if we don’t provide customers with an edge: market moving news…news that leads to good trades…news that enables a customer to make money because of us. At bottom, that is what really differentiates Bloomberg News.”

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