Thursday, April 25, 2013

The ABCs of QR Codes

You’ve undoubtedly seen one … though it’s possible you’ve never used it.   It’s a QR code:  a  more sophisticated, two-dimensional version of a bar code — consisting of square black dots on a white background — that was originally designed in 1994 for Japanese auto-makers to track car parts.   

Big in Asia and Europe, QR codes were a little late coming to the U.S., but now they are an increasingly valuable element in marketing campaigns.  Smartphone users with the right app can simply scan a QR code and be swiftly directed to a rich media experience on the web.  In my vlog today, “The ABCs of QR Codes,” I interview Makovsky VP and Director of Digital Media, Dan Scholz, on the evolving role of QR codes. 

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