Thursday, March 21, 2013

Building Your Reputation ... On The Spot

At least one aspect of reputation management is "in your hands."

There's no question that how you present yourself is fundamental:  your posture and grooming, your clothes, manner, tone of voice and what you say.  But what other elements contribute to the impression you leave behind?

How about your business card?  Have you given it a second look?  It's worth taking another look because you, plus your card, contribute to "the ten-second impact."  That's about the time you have to make a lasting impression when you meet someone; so you can't afford to neglect any opportunity to support your reputation.

Take the average business card.   Most are traditional and non-memorable.  Lots of dull type.  Sometimes there is a logo near the company name or a color on the flip side of the card.  Occasionally the card reads vertically; mostly horizontally.  

Then there's the "Makovsky" card.  At the risk of sounding immodest, I think it's crisp, colorful and clean. Its interesting shape -- with the rounded upper right corner -- lends impact to the design.  The front of the card features the Makovsky name in white, in a sea of the most powerful, striking blue I have ever seen.  All the critical information is on the back, in clean, crisp typography. 

A great presentation, reinforced with our card, delivers that "ten-second impact" we all strive for.  How do I know?  Because, today, when I hand them my card (with the Makovsky name on the upside), 80% of the people I meet say, "Wow!  What a great card.  Very cool!" And the conversation continues with all parties in an upbeat mood.  To my delight, I'm learning that others in the firm are having a similar experience.     

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