Monday, August 24, 2009


I wrote a blog about the importance and benefits — especially in difficult economic times — of seamlessly integrating all the elements of your marketing program, including social media, direct response, traditional publicity, person-to-person communications, printed materials, visual media and even strategic advertising.

While reading The New York Times recently, I came across a very interesting one-voice, one-brand campaign that is truly “firing on all cylinders.”

The US Army, recognizing that it has an abundance of recruits but few officers, just launched a campaign designed to encourage ambitious college graduates — who don’t typically consider the military as a career option — to consider becoming an officer.

According to The New York Times, in addition to a new website, the campaign will feature TV commercials starring high-ranking corporate executives who formerly served as Army officers. According to Times’ reporter Douglas Quenqua, the Army is also partnering with Major League Baseball to produce a series of interviews with “Leaders of the Diamond” and plans to sponsor panel discussions at universities around the country this fall where students can dialogue directly with officers.

It’s a smart approach that recognizes the importance of clarity and consistency to achieve impact.

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