Thursday, September 27, 2012


They are better than solid employees who do a very good job. Those who care go many extra miles. They communicate their caring without talking about it.

For example, they are the individuals who provide that additional proof before the document goes out, that extra call to the client to ask if the meeting was effective, or who discover a research detail that ups the value of the content. They say “thank you” when they should and most others don't. They congratulate those who deserve it. They always put the firm first. They are dyed-in-the-wool team players. It all sounds like common sense, but there is nothing common about it.

Those who care often volunteer to do something to help others in the firm or lead a volunteer activity. They will pull out all the stops to do a deep dive on a client’s business, deeper than others, to demonstrate understanding beyond what a client would expect. When necessary, they will work nights and weekends to get the job done for the firm or a client. And they don’t brag about it; they just do it. They understand what true client satisfaction means.

Their caring can be contagious. By example, these special individuals teach others to care. In that respect they are among the most valued firm resources. They understand that caring is shared.

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