Thursday, July 23, 2009

“Simple Lid- Please” Part II

Several weeks ago, I wrote a blog titled, “Just A Simple Lid – Please.” The blog made the point that coffee containers purchased at the airport often come with lids that have sipping holes, rather than flat lids so that when you carry them the coffee spills. A “holy” cup of coffee is also challenging to carry because you cannot bag it, particularly when you have a suitcase and briefcase to deal with.

Along comes “tugo” who writes this letter to me:

“Allow us to offer you an opportunity to solve that “I need my coffee, but don’t have enough hands issue.” A lid without a hole would be helpful, but this goes beyond that, allowing you to travel through the airport without juggling your coffee along with all your other belongings.”

tugo also sent me a product sample, noted in the photo above. Guess what! tugo works, and therefore, I am recommending it to other harried travelers in need of coffee. Their address is:

Fli, LLC
P.O. Box 100459
Denver, Colorado 80250

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