Monday, February 23, 2009

6 Reasons to Talk to a PR Expert Before Building Your New Website

This week I’ve invited Tim Kane as my guest blogger. Tim Kane is Executive Vice President of Makovsky+Company’s Branding + Interactive group.

6 Reasons to Talk to a PR Expert Before Building Your New Website:

1. The web is a conversation.
Sure, you can use the internet as a cheap way to publish your company’s brochure. But to get the biggest possible ROI, you should think of your website as a dialogue between you and your customers: a vehicle for influencing interaction, sharing information and developing relationships. Which, come to think of it, is an excellent definition of public relations.

2. Yeah, you’re getting Googled.
What results come up when your company is searched? Positive? Negative? Nothing at all? Reputation management is one of the key functions of public relations – and should be the foundation of your online communications strategy.

3. PR delivers a constant flow of timely, relevant content.
It’s a simple equation: frequently updated content equals higher search engine rankings, more traffic, longer visits and better conversion rates. Only PR firms are set up to produce real-time content instead of one-off campaigns.

4. Community relations is a PR core competency.
Everyone’s heard of public communities like Facebook or LinkedIn, but private and specialized communities are now being developed to deepen relationships with customers, investors and employees. The technology may be new, but the idea is classic PR.

5. PR agencies don’t buy media; they sell your story.
In the online world, paid media is a distant second to natural linking. The only way to achieve these links is with digital shoe-leather: packaging stories and pitch- ing them to influential bloggers, communities and publications.

6. PR is truly media-agnostic.
Unlike advertising agencies that receive commissions on media buys, or “web shops” that have a vested interest in selling complex custom technologies, a PR firm’s revenue rests on implementing an effective communications strategy for your brand. Using whatever tools and tactics are best for you, not most profitable for them.

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