Monday, June 25, 2007

5 Cs of Great Agency Leadership

What gives a public relations agency a leading edge? Here is what I see as the “5 Cs of Great Agency Leadership.”


  • People with exceptional talent who have passion for what they do and help drive the firm. Not prima donnas.
  • Client advocates who bring client delight.
  • How leadership gets along with each other and helps each other out. Leadership sets an example for all others and that has a great impact on employee satisfaction.
  • Colleagues are team players. Collaboration is their "middle name."
  • The needs of the employee and the company have to be balanced to make it all work.


  • To the client and the firm
  • To constant learning and constant improvement
  • To quality
  • To achievement


  • In client relationships: A clients-for-life philosophy
  • In working relationships: Consideration and support


  • Helping clients think differently about their business
  • Helping the agency succeed


  • Belief in our success is fundamental
  • Winning begets winning
  • Our reputation is more important than money

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