Thursday, August 16, 2012

#500: Taking Stock

The deadlines come fast. The ideas often do not hit until the last minute. And putting together an attention-grabbing headline and the right graphic can be challenging. But you only do it 500 times if you consider it interesting and fun! And today -- according to my count -- is Blog #500.

I started posting “My Three Cents,” a communications-focused blog, once a week on January 9, 2006 (, and then moved to twice weekly once the blog started appearing on Bulldog Reporter, BusinessWeek's platform and

As soon as I realized that #500 was at hand, it made me take stock. Why do I like this? What are the benefits? Here are some answers:

• The search for ideas makes me think more deeply and precisely than I used to, about news developments and my perspectives on a variety of topics. I love the intellectual stimulation.

• The array of possible topics is like taking one of everything from a tasty topical buffet -- I get to publish my opinion on subjects that used to slip in and out of my brain pretty rapidly.

• I can hone my writing skills (especially gratifying to someone who's not a "natural writer").

• Reporters from other media quote “My Three Cents” and seek my opinion in interviews. This has surprised me.

• "PR Blogger of the Year" Awards (I’ve won four) bring recognition to Makovsky + Company. My favorite? From Chief Executive Magazine: "Top 10 CEO Bloggers" [ in the U.S].

• Blogging connects you with other bloggers and, as with traditional media, exponentially increases reach.

• The blog drives traffic to the Makovsky website.

• It enhances thought leadership (not just mine, but the firm’s).

• It attracts business.

• Understanding of and hands-on experience with social media enables us to better define the benefits of social media to our clients.

Thanks for your readership and to those who write comments. Great hearing from you!

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