Monday, January 09, 2012

A Key To Top Performance

During this early part of January, New Year’s resolutions are still on my mind. And the resolution that is top-of-mind at the moment is this one: “I will consistently perform at a high level.” It applies to me as well as the more than 50 other people at Makovsky.

The key point within that resolution is the word “consistently.” To me it means regularly, steadily, always and with no variation. It is our principle to deliver high-level performance to our clients: regularly, steadily, always and without variation. But no matter what the business, all your stakeholders deserve it — whether staff, listeners or viewers, buyers, subordinates or whoever.

What brought this to mind is that, within the past two weeks, I saw the fantastic Broadway show, “Anything Goes,” the Cole Porter musical revival from the 30’s … TWICE. It stars Sutton Foster, who was praised, in the rave reviews when the show opened last spring, as a triple threat – singer, dancer and actress. And, indeed, she is an incredible performer. But every performer was a gem. The energy exuded by the cast was nothing short of remarkable! The second time I saw the show, it was a Wednesday night, following a Wednesday matinee performance. TWO in one day! Talk about hard work! The enthusiasm, the drive, the smiles, the spirit that the audience could feel brought standing ovations each time I saw the show. . This is consistent performance at a very high level.

So, no matter how you may personally feel, resolve to deliver optimum results to your clients or customers. If you are tired, depressed, sick or whatever, which could cause a less than stellar performance, make sure someone subs for you who can deliver what the client is paying for.

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Anonymous Joyce Newman said...

Hi Ken- great post today. "Anything Goes" is amazing on every level. It was so much fun that afterward we felt as though we had been on vacation!
Like your comment about if you're not up to delivering stellar results, send in a sub who can. As a coach, I rarely see people who are confident enough to step up and deliver a winning performance. This is either because they haven't been encouraged to present in the past and haven't been given an opportunity or encouraged to speak up at meetings. Or, they have not taken a presentation skills program. Another reason could be stage fright which, with a bit of coaching, can be managed. In any event, great post which really resonated with me.

Monday, January 09, 2012 10:08:00 PM  

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