Monday, June 06, 2011

We Are Message Warriors

The communications business is all about carrying a client’s message and delivering it with impact to customers and other important constituencies — as well as those who influence the targets. But the aim is not only to communicate; it is to persuade the target to really hear the message and accept it as valid.

In today’s information- and channel-cluttered environment, being a traditional messenger is simply not enough. People are being showered with information, and often don’t know where to turn first. Someone or something has to truly flag them to catch their attention.

Message Warriors inspire the audience to take an action. How? By vigorously and aggressively pursuing every opportunity and every channel to deliver clients’ messages. Message Warriors are always vigorous in their defense of their clients’ reputation and will go on the offensive to correct inaccuracies. They are indeed the foot soldiers in the clients’ message “wars.”

The Message Warrior will undertake an intricate analysis of the audiences, so that every core and tributary group that might be reached and influenced is considered. No professional, demographic or psychographic sliver will be passed up. A similar approach will be taken with all the channels that reach these interest groups: social or traditional media or in-person approaches, such as speeches, panels, meetings, events, one-on-one conferences, etc. Further, the self-interest of every audience segment will be examined in order to drum up interest. Key opinion leaders will be vetted to see who might influence the influencers. Message Warriors will consider all topical angles working in the client’s favor by attracting the target. They will explore tactics like surveys that provide relevant intellectual capital, education programs in schools that catch the attention of parents, contests that are showstoppers and various other tools.

Given that we are in a constant battle for share of mind and share of voice, having a Message Warrior working on your behalf—a communications firm that will fight and win the uphill battle—is essential for success. This, indeed, is Makovsky.

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