Monday, December 13, 2010


It was shocking to read the lengthy article in The New York Times on December 10: “In Tapes, Nixon Rails about Jews and Blacks.” This refers to secretly recorded tapes now being released by the Nixon Presidential Library -- according to plan -- covering conversations of President Richard M. Nixon, who made disparaging remarks about Blacks, Jews, Italian-Americans and Irish-Americans. Nixon focused on negative stereotypes of each group.

What is most troubling about this revelation is that our image here and worldwide is based on the United States’ being a melting pot. Immigrant groups discriminated against in their own countries came here seeking the tolerance that was fundamental to the American way of life.

Therefore, it is humiliating and embarrassing in front of the whole world — albeit nearly 40 years later — to see President Nixon, leader of this great nation, and several of his advisors, reveal themselves as bigots behind closed doors.

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