Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Motivating Support

For many years, my wife and I have helped support various children in developing countries through the Christian Children’s Fund, which recently changed its name to ChildFund International.

It is rather obvious that we, like many others, are motivated to provide help where it is needed, particularly supporting impoverished children — so that they can grow up with their fundamental material needs met.

Periodically, the Fund encourages the relatives of the children to send letters to the donors, telling what is done with the money sent. When you read these words, typically you live the experience. Your heart breaks and you want to help more. This is transparency at its most basic level. It is the one-on-one success story that has motivated action for years.

Recently we sent young Miriam Magwigwi a $25.00 birthday gift over and above our regular support. Her father wrote the following letter:

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Ken Makovsky,

How are you there with your family? It is the family’s hope that this letter will find you happy and healthy. Here Miriam and family are all fine. I am the father writing on behalf of your friend.

Miriam was the happiest to receive the birthday gift you sent to her. The money received in dollars it was $25.00 and when changed into one local currency it came to k121,375. Out of this money, we bought your friend clothes and food. We really appreciate your love and mercy.

We are now through with coldness and we are in hot season. You are so special to us. May the good Lord God bless your daily plans and activities.

Yours Faithfully

Eliph the Father

Writing on behalf of Miriam

At this Thanksgiving season, we are thankful that Miriam’s family appreciated our small gift, we’re glad we can help and, of course, we’re highly motivated to continue our support. Once again, candor and customer appreciation are at the foundation of success.

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