Tuesday, August 05, 2008

A Moving Experience

Makovsky + Company moved its offices last weekend. As of Monday, August 4, we are in our new space at 16 East 34th Street, between Fifth and Madison Avenues.

“Welcome to the 21st century!” as one senior member of our firm said. And, indeed, it’s true.

The change in the physical environment that accompanies a move can have a major cultural and public relations impact on a company … and this move has brought us into a whole new realm. Natural daylight permeates our nearly 20,000-square-foot office from nearly every vantage point. (In an employee survey, we learned that having such light ranked number one among many desirable qualities.)

The qualities of independence and collaboration are in evidence everywhere. Our VoIP phone system and pitch pods — small, private booths like the carrels you find in library stacks — encourage independence. Our lounges and small meeting rooms encourage collaboration.

There are glass walls, warm furniture and sleek workstations. Everywhere you look there are sparkling new facilities and advanced technology, including state-of-the-art telecommunications and media. From the moment you enter the reception area, for example, the nature of our business is on display via 9’ x 25’ screens featuring breaking news and showcasing firm presentations. We can talk to you live and instantly, anywhere in the world, via video teleconferencing.

There is, indeed, something wonderful that happens when a company moves to new up-to-date quarters. It inspires new perspectives, fresh thinking and new beginnings. I don’t have any specific examples of these inspirations yet. One needs to live in new environments and new neighborhoods for awhile before such takes hold. But I can confirm that such developments jumpstart the spirit and challenge the brain … and we all need that from time to time to maximize our creativity and productivity for our clients, as well as for the firm itself.

Is this “change we can believe in” (to quote a now famous line)? With the support of the entire Makovsky team and their sense of urgency and commitment to our clients, it, indeed, will be!

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