Monday, May 29, 2006

A Moment Please, for a Father’s Pride

Every now and then one experiences a moment either professionally or personally that can only be called "kvelling," a word of Yiddish derivation meaning "goose bump pride" or "an end-of-the-world high." It happens, for example, when we have achieved a long sought (nights and weekends) victory for a client, a company exceeds target or has been singled out for special recognition among its peers, or someone you are rooting for in your firm has made unusual gains, showing wisdom and success beyond their years.

I have experienced all of the above, but about a week ago I had such a moment in my personal life. I kvelled as my young son, Evan (aka E-Mak), a sports radio broadcaster, auditioned live for four hours on a major league, major market station to be drive-time morning co-host on an all-sports radio show. A "sports talk jock" since he had his own show in high school, he has always aspired to be outrageous, like "Mad Dog" of "Mike and the Mad Dog" fame, a high-rated and award-winning show on WFAN, the all-sports radio station in New York.

Well, E-Mak’s progress has been incredible! On topic after topic — in and out of sports, hour after hour — he was witty, facetious, interesting, articulate, clever, cutting and challenging … drawing out his co-host, guests and callers as only a ratings-conscious talk show host would do. He kept me glued (ok, so I am his father!) and when I left the room he knew how to get me back quickly. He has all the makings of a great early-stage shock jock. (Father or not, it is a fact!)

Some smart station will grab E-Mak, as his sports reporting career continues to pick up steam!


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