Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Valentine Principle

Today is Valentine's Day and the newspapers are filled with stories about romance, relationships and the secrets of the happily married.

But why not extend the Valentine's concept into the workplace? Yes, "love" in the workplace is often one of the keys to success. No, I'm definitely not talking about dating or sexual relationships. Rather, I'm talking about warm feelings toward your associates, your boss and your subordinates. Call it "Valentine's Week" -- and make it a week to celebrate each other at work (through various activities); show thanks and appreciation that you feel, but may not always be apparent.

Everyone recognizes that you need to "love what you do" in order to stay at it and become successful. But we also need to celebrate those we work with in order for teamwork to thrive. Call it loyalty, dedication, compassion or whatever. It exists in the most successful enterprises. And it extends to the way you feel about your clients or customers, as well.

A line in the Makovsky Credo says "We are all each other's client." It is a principle we must think about daily. The Valentine Principle.


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